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1849 House Ale

5.7% ABV · 35 IBU

Our House Ale has a copper reddish hue, medium caramelized malt flavor from the roasted specialty grain combination formulated by our 1849 Brew master. There is a medium well-balanced bitterness from Centennial and Amarillo hopping. 


Lola Lager

6% ABV · 35 IBU

Named after the infamous historical figure of Nevada County, Lola Montez. Lola Lager is our representation of a classic German Pilsner. First brewed in the mid -1800’s. Lola Lager is crisp, dry and refreshing. There is a medium bitterness derived from German Noble hops and a mild maltiness developed through the use of 100% German Pilsner Malt.


530 Blonde Ale

5.8% ABV · 24 IBU

Crisp, clean and smooth with a satisfying hoppy aroma. An employee favorite, our  Blonde Ale presents the traditional light blonde caramelization, and a good bit of body. You may pick up some nutty and citrus notes. There is a calm bitterness from the hops that makes this the perfect ‘after work’ beer.

Empire Lager

4.7% ABV · 20 IBU

Light in color and bitterness this is a beer for the day drinker. Named after the largest hard rock mine in California you will find this delicate brew crisp, and easy to drink. With a light body and bright hoppy freshness, Empire Lager will go down smooth, and leave you wanting more.

Del Oro Lager

6% ABV · 25 IBU

Refreshing and easy drinking, the Del Oro is our lightest beer in color. Brewed to preserve the subtle flavors and aroma, both fermented and aged at low temperatures. Del Oro, meaning the city of gold, is our tribute to the local mining heritage of our community. The light golden hue and smooth finish is dutifully served with a lime.


Home Grown IPA

6.6% ABV · 65 IBU

One of the local favorites, Home Grown is our classic west coast IPA, ample in bitterness, a slightly fruity front end full of both hop flavors and aroma. This IPA is aggressively dry hopped with the freshest selection of hops from the Yakima valley in Washington, lending to its true tropical fruity notes.


Tangled up in Haze

6.3% ABV · 26 IBU

 Looks like the Haze craze is here to stay. Clouds for days in our Hazy IPA. Medium bodied, with notes of fruity citrus and low on bitterness, amplifying the flavor of dank Citra and juicy Mosaic hops from our after-fermentation dry hopping. 


Dark Side of the Moon 

5% ABV · 22 IBU

This dark German Lager is brewed with Munich, Special B, and black malt, leaving it uniquely black in color. Hopped with 100% German Noble hops. Unique Black in color Dark Side of the moon has smooth roast undertones and is lightly hopped leaving a malty delicious dark lager.


Full Steam Ahead

7% ABV · 50 IBU

Brewed in traditional steam beer style, this hearty deep amber lager was fermented at warm ale temperatures. Otherwise known as the California Common Beer, this beer was a staple during the 1849 Gold Rush. Full Steam Ahead’s malty profile is well balanced with ample bitterness and hop flavor.


Gravity is Real (on Nitro)

7.5% ABV · 35 IBU

Patterned after the classic style, foreign extra stout, this robust brew offers up flavors of a coffee-like roast. Smooth as silk, creamy nitro bubbles float to the top revealing a dark malty stout. English hops add a bit of brightness to the flavor, also balance to the full body and boldness of the rich malt.


Electric Kool-Aid

8% ABV · 85 IBU

This Imperial IPA is one of our hoppiest on the menu. We packed this electric IPA full of Citra hops to bring out that dank flavor with a massive dry hopping. Higher on the bitterness scale with hints of a sweet fruitiness. You’ll be electrified after a couple pints of this hoppy, high ABV Kool-Aid.


Vienna Red Lager

5.1% ABV · 22 IBU

Vienna Lager is traditionally known for its color and soft sweet maltiness. The caramelized sugars from our specialty grain combination give off a toasty sweetness and a unique reddish hue. The malt aroma is intoxicating and the hop bitterness is kept relatively low making for a smooth crisp finish.


Under an Orange Sky

5.7% ABV · 15 IBU

This Bavarian Hefeweizen is dry, refreshing, and uniquely flavorful. Hefeweizen is a type of Weiss beer. Characterized by the strong presence of banana, clove and even vanilla or bubblegum aromas, derived from the Hefeweizen yeast. First released during the Jones Bar fire, the smokey apocalyptic day gave rise to its name, Under an ‘Orange’ Sky. An unfiltered Bavarian style left intentionally cloudy.


River Sesh IPA

4.8% ABV · 40 IBU

River Sesh IPA is crisp and refreshing with a deep golden color. Light in body but with a satisfying little kick. Simcoe and Amarillo hops give this brew a well-balanced bitterness and hoppy aroma. The name ‘Session’ IPA comes from factory workers drinking low ABV beers on the job so they weren't stumbling on their way back to work. Others say a session simply refers to a long stay at the bar. Either way this is beer you want with you on a warm day down by the river.


Scotch Ale

7% ABV · 20 IBU

Our Scotch Ale is a malty, less bitter full-bodied beer. The rich color and toasty sweetness come from the caramelization of the roasted malt. Notes of molasses and butterscotch follow the light bitterness of the hops. The dark copper roast of this Scotch Ale gives a thicker more complex body leaving you with a slightly sweet and creamy mouthfeel.

Fruten Tag

4.1 ABV · 5 IBU

Gutentag! Our take on the traditional German sour beer. Our brew master formulated his own unique recipe to give this sour fruity Berliner Weisse its distinct acidic and lively taste. By including tart fruit purees post-fermentation, we create the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors.

Rotating fruit flavors such as apricot, boysenberry and black current.




Tempranillo (Dry Red) Deo Volente Vineyards


A Spanish varietal grape estate grown in the Sierra Nevada AVA. Our owners David and Kevin Krikorian make this wine from the vineyard at the family farm. This wine is exclusively sold at 1849 Brewing Company.


Primitivo (Sweet Red) Deo Volente Vineyards


This sweet red wine was produced accidentally but the flavor and body encouraged us to leave it as is and sell it the way she was. Similar flavors to a port or other desert wine this wine pairs well with sweets or as a nightcap after a great meal. This wine is a one off and will not be produced again so get some while it lasts.


Chardonnay Nevada City Winery


This Chardonnay is a golden yellow hue. The nose showcases vibrant peach and vanilla aromas. The Finish is complex with an enjoyable expression of depth and rich texture.




Our ciders are locally sourced and vary depending on taste and accessibility.



Want to brew some beers together? Let us know.


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