1849 House Ale  
5.3ABV 35 IBU


Our House Ale has a copper reddish hue, medium caramel malt flavor,

medium bitterness, and is balanced with centennial and Chinook hopping.

Lola lager 
6% ABV 35 IBU

Named after the infamous historical figure of Nevada County, Lola Montez. Lola lager is our representation of a classic German Pilsner. First brewed in the mid-1800's. German Pilsners are crisp, dry and refreshing. They have a medium hop bitterness derived from German Noble hops and a mild meltiness developed thru the use of 100% imported German Pilsner Malt. Prost!

530 Blonde Ale 
7% ABV 24 IBU


Orelé! Our Mexican lager is our lightest beer in color and both fermented and aged at low temperatures.

Del Oro, meaning of the gold, is our tribute to the local mining heritage of this community and is dutifully served with a lime. 

Home Grown IPA 
6.5%  ABV 55 IBU

Home Grown is our classic west coast IPA, ample in bitterness, both full of hop flavor and aroma. Dry hopped with a fresh selection of hops from the Yakima Valley, Washington, lending it its true tropical fruity notes and aromas.   


Tangled up in Haze

6.1% ABV 26 IBU

Looks like the haze craze is here to stay so we jumped on the cloudy train. Our awesome employee, Ali, loves dank Citra hops so we made sure to use a ton in our after fermentation dry hopping. We kept the bitterness very low to amplify both flavor and aroma of Citra.

5%  ABV 22 IBU

This tasty dark German lager is brewed with two row, Munich, Special B and black malt hopped with 100% German Noble hops. Dark Side of the Moon has smooth roast undertones and is lightly hopped, leaving us with a malty delicious dark lager

Full Steam Ahead 
7%  ABV 50 IBU
Brewed in the traditional steam beer style, this hearty deep amber lager was fermented at warm ale temperatures. Otherwise known as a California Common beer. This beer was a staple during the Gold Rush in the mid-1800's. Full Steam Ahead's malty profile is well balanced with ample bitterness and hop flavor derived from German Hallertan Mittelfruch hops.
Gravity is Real 
5.3% ABV 35 IBU
Patterned after the classic style, foreign extra stout, this robust stout offers up flavors of coffee-like roastiness, caramel and chocolate malt. English hops are slyly placed to balance the boldness of the rich malt.
Sunday Morning Haze 
6.8% ABV 45 IBU
Whether you are starting the night out of closing the bar this fruity forward IPA will not let you down. Papaya and mango flavors derived from the combination of American Hops dominate this medium bodied IPA
8% ABV 85 IBU

This Imperial IPA is one of our hoppiest beers on the menu. Our awesome employee, Ali, loves dank Citra hops so we packed this electric IPA full of them with a massive dry hop schedule. Make sure you know who you’re going home with because you will be electrified after a couple pints of this hoppy, high ABV Kool-Aid

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Solare Red





Samuel Smith’s Organic (UK)

-Apple 5% ABV

-Pear 5% ABV